Pesticide Safety Training for Golf Course Maintenance

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A comprehensive pesticide safety training course for golf course maintenance, and other turfgrass management workers.

Training your crew with these easy to use videos puts you in control of your training.  Simply log in to your account, select a lesson, and click to watch on your computer, or connect to your flatscreen for larger class viewing.  Train any number of crew members, at any time.

Lessons include:

  • Introduction to pesticide use
  • Hazard Communication training
  • Heat Stress training
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Over 200 individual product training modules.

Course Information

Course Instructor

Mickey McCord Mickey McCord Author

Annual Subscription

per year
1 year of access

This subscription provides unlimited access to all lessons, quizzes, and certificates for one golf course for one year from date of enrollment and is automatically renewed on the anniversary date.

Sierra Pacific Turf Supply Prime Membership

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Working Safely with Pesticides




Growth Regulators

Other Products

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  1. Joe Budinich says:

    Hi Mick-

    Below are the products that we have that are not in your product inventory:

    Tengard – a.i. = permethrin
    Meridian 25 wg – a.i. = thiamethoxam
    Cutless .033G – a.i. = flurprimidol
    Nortica 10 WP – a.i. = bacillus firmus

    Overall, going through all the products and the videos went very smooth! Thanks for putting this together! You’ve definitely saved me a lot of time.

    Joe Budinich

    • Mickey McCord says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I’m glad the program was helpful. I’ll look into adding the products you listed.

  2. Joe Budinich says:

    Hi Mick,

    A few of the new products we have are not on your list. Ascernity, Maxtima, and Pedigree.

    Thank you!

    • Joe Budinich says:

      Hi Mick,

      Program is still working great, we’ve continued using it here ever year.
      Those products listed above still would be great additions along with cutless .033 G, Enclave, Tetrino, and Tengard.

      Kenneth Shaw

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